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.Transportation services in Israel

Travelling anywhere in Israel for touristic attractions, airport pick-up services and more
.Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion airport
.Tel Aviv - Haifa
.Tel Aviv - Jerusalem

.Tel Aviv - Eilat

For your convinience, you will find below an online booking system for booking a ride to Ben-Gurion airport from anywhere in Israel with a fixed price

Golda Taxis - Advanced Transportation Solutions

.We make the best effort to provide the best service and fair prices
.We have brand new taxis and very experienced drivers team.
We also have an online booking system for you to order a cab to Ben-Gurion airport from anywhere in Israel

Order a cab to Ben-Gurion airport now

If your are looking for a cab to Ben-Gurion airport you're in the right place

In Golda Taxis, we are working with the most experienced and reliable taxi drives in all of Israel.
This is in order to provide you with the best service, comfort and safety on your way to/from the airport.

We can pick you up from anywhere you would like - Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Eilat, Tiberias, Nazareth, Acre and the list goes on

Availability of 24/7

Order your next trip to/from Ben-Gurion airport with us, we will make the greatest effort to make you feel comfortable and be on time

Please type the address that you would like to be pick upped from and
feel free to call us anytime
We are also available on WhatsApp

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